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Coin grades

Here is a list of coin grades in several languages and an english-german translation of
coin-related terms.

Please note that the translation of coin grades is approximative, because the grades are not defined precisely and may vary from country to country.



Grades of Preservation
États de
Stati di
PP Polierte Platte Proof (PRF) Flan bruni (FB) Proof
st Stempelglanz, Stempelfrisch Uncirculated (UNC) Fleur de coin (FDC) Fior di conio
vz Vorzüglich Extremly fine (EF or XF) Superbe (SUP) Splendido
ss Sehr schön Very fine (VF) Très Très beau (TTB) Bellissimo
s Schön Fine (F) Très beau (TB) Molto bello
Abbrév. Deutsch Terme technique English Terme technique
Hklsp., Hksp. Henkelspur trace of mounting, mounting removed, solder
kl. Kleine Small, minor
winz. Winzige very small, very little
Randf. Randfehler rim nick
  Prachtexemplar splendid specimen, beauties, doozy
  (sehr) selten (very) rare
just. justiert adjust
bkfr., bfr. unzirkuliert / bankfrisch uncirculated = unc
Erh. Erhaltung conditions; grading
Jg. Jahrgang year
kfr. kassenfrisch crisp uncirculated
o.D. ohne Datum undated
o.J. ohne Jahr without year
Rs. Rückseite, Revers back, revers
Vs. Vorderseite obvers, frontside
clnd. gereinigt cleaned
  Patina - natürliche natural toned, toning
  Patina - (fleckig) scattered toning spots
  gelocht holed
  vergoldet gilded
  verschmutzt dirty, soiled
  zentriert centered
  Kratzer scratched, detracting marks
  Brustbild bust
  Auflage (höhe) edition / mintage
Abb. Abbildung picture
  dezentriert off-center
  Prägeschwäche / schwache Prägung weak strike
  Riß tear
ber. Berieben, Abreibung rubbing
  poliert, aufpoliert polished
  fast stempelglanz near Uncirculated, so not 100% Uncirculated, but better than Extremly fine
  fast vorzüglich near Extremly fine, so not 100% Extremly fine, but better than Very fine
ss+ besser als sehr schön a little better than Very fine